About Our Company

Denver Circus Supply is a small company located in Denver, Colorado. DCS was born by accident and necessity by Daniel Barpal.  Daniel started creating and making circus apparatus to support his daughter's love for circus.  First was a contortion table for her inaugural performance.  Canes and aerial poles came next and were traded with her coaches for private lessons.  Due to the beautiful workmanship and quality, professional and amateur performers and enthusiast started requesting apparatus, standard and custom, and a company was born!

Our Vision: 

Our goal is to develop beautiful, high quality products that our athletes love using, training with and performing on! Denver Circus Supply loves developing new apparatus and working with our clients' creative minds and energy to develop them. Let us help you bring your dream to reality!

Our Promise: 

Denver Circus Supply promises to give you the best products we possibly can. We hand make all of our products in Colorado. All products are designed, engineered and tested to withstand the rigors of circus life.

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The DCS Team


Daniel Barpal

Daniel is a Professional Engineer (licensed in CO and FL) with over 25 years of design, management, construction, and manufacturing experience. He is a member of a circus school with a focus on hand balancing and stall bar conditioning.


Estee Zakar

Estee is a master pole fitness instructor, competitor, performer & judge. She teaches & certifies internationally. Estee teaches hand balance, flexibility, mobility, conditioning & strengthening, tumbling, dance & pole fitness. 

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Paula is a fashion designer, acrobat, slackliner, rock climber, snowboarder, crafter, lover of nature and general adventurer.  Paula performs with local Denver circus company Moth and coaches hand-balancing, acrobatics and slacklining.