Terms and Conditions


We are proud to provide innovative custom-built equipment. Denver Circus Supply  provides a 30 day return policy. DCS' obligations under this policy are limited to replacing (transportation costs at the DCS' expense if the product is being replaced due to defects or warranty issues) or repairing, at its option, any products which under normal and proper use and maintenance are proved to be defective to DCS, in its sole discretion, within the warranty period. 

Use of our products is at your own risk. By purchasing this product you are assuming all responsibility for your own safety. As with all circus and exercise equipment, any misuse of this product can result in injury, and by purchasing this product you agree that you are liable for any action taken with the products.  Buyer understands and agrees that the use of the goods purchased from Denver Circus Supply may be dangerous to human safety, may result in injury or death and present a risk of damage to property if not used properly.  You must routinely inspect your equipment for any wear or tear which can occur after repeated use.  We are not responsible for any mishaps, injuries or damages resulting from your use of our products.

As with any training program or other physical activity performed on these items, there is a risk of injury and proper supervision is required. Purchaser assumes responsibility and acknowledgment of all risk factors.

For more training and safety information , we recommend online information from qualified coaches or bringing some of your equipment to your gym/coach/trainer. We have athletes all over the world that we can connect you with for private or group sessions or even online sessions. Please contact us directly for information about training tools, exercises or connecting with a coach.